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Inglês: Simulado (Perguntas)


1. (Unisantos 2009) leia o texto abaixo sobre a tragédia ocorrida em santa Catarina no fim do ano passado e escolha a alternativa que apresenta a sequência de tempos verbais que melhor preenche as lacunas:

Heavy rains in the state ___________ over two months ago. During november, the area _____________ 35 inches of rain, which ___________ eight times higher than the average rainfall of 4.3 inches for the month. santa Catarina governor luiz Henrique da silveira ____________ as saying, “This __________the worst climatic tragedy of santa Catarina’s history.” – 19k –


a) started – received – is – was quoted – is.

b) starts – receives – was – is quoted – was.

c) started – receives – is – is quoted – is.

d) starts – received – was – is quoted – was.

e) startied – received – was – was quoted – was.


2. (Unicsal 2008) Assinale a alternativa que completa o texto de maneira lógica.

What do doctors say about fast food?____________________ Chips, hamburgers, hot dogs and other greasy food make you fat and provoke bad cholesterol regardless of your age.

a) In general they say that this kind of food is harmless.

b) They agree this food is healthy for children.

c) They recommend it for young people only.

d) They say this kind of food is healthy for everyone.

e) In general they agree we must not have it everyday.


Read this text to answer question

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Somehow, they already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying too much about the future.

internet: (adapted).


3. (UnB 2009) From the text, it is correct to deduce that

a) One should live one’s own life.

b) Dogmas are precepts to be followed by people as they represent other persons’ reasonable set of beliefs.

c) Your inner voice must not be let out as it may disturb other individuals.

d) It is rather important to convince people to follow your beliefs.

e) It is not very important to listen to your heart and intuition.


O texto a seguir, base para responder às questões, é um fragmento do prefácio de Julian lennon para o livro autobiográfico John, escrito por sua mãe, Cynthia Powell, primeira esposa do ídolo de tantas gerações, o ex-Beatle John lennon.


Foreword by Julian Lennon

Growing up as John Lennon’s son has been a rocky path. All my life I’ve had people coming up to me saying “I loved your Dad”. I always have very mixed feelings when I hear this. I know that Dad was an idol to millions who grew up loving his music and his ideals. But to me he wasn’t a musician or a peace icon, he was the father I loved and who let me down in so many ways. After the age of five, when my parents separated, I saw him only a handful of times, and when I did he was often remote and intimidating. I grew up longing for more contact with him but felt rejected and unimportant in his life.

Dad was a great talent, a remarkable man who stood for peace and love in the world. But at the same time he found it very hard to show any peace and love to his first family – my mother and me. In many accounts of Dad’s life Mum and I are either dismissed, or at best treated as insignificant bit players in his life, which sadly is something that continues to this day. Yet Mum was his first real love and she was with him for half his adult life, from art college, to the genesis of the Beatles, to their overwhelming worldwide success. That’s why I’m so happy that she’s decided to write her side of the story (…)

POWELL, C. John. in: Speak Up Magazine, 2007, n.239, p.42.


GLOSSARY: rocky path – caminho difícil, pedregoso; remote and intimidating – distante e intimidatório; longing – ansiando; stood for – simbolizava; dismissed – desconsiderados; overwhelming – estrondoso.


4. (EAFA 2008) Segundo o texto:

a) John Lennon, apesar da vida artística atribulada, foi um pai amoroso e dedicado.

b) John Lennon, apesar do grande talento, não era o pai biológico de Julian.

c) John Lennon, apesar de ser ídolo pacifista, causou muito sofrimento a sua família.

d) John Lennon, apesar do sucesso, não descuidava da família.

e) John Lennon, apesar da vida atribulada, nunca se separou de sua família.


5. (EAFA 2008) “(…) he was the father I loved and who let me down in so many ways”. Nessa passagem, o narrador revela que:

a) Embora o pai o tenha abandonado de muitas formas, ele o amava.

b) O pai soube amá-lo de muitas formas.

c) Lennon foi um pai presente e muito amado.

d) Lamentavelmente, o pai nunca soube como amar a família.

e) Lennon amava o filho, de muitas formas diferentes.


6. (EAFA 2008) Na frase, “I always have very mixed feelings when I hear this”, a palavra destacada faz referência a:

a) All my life.

b) “I loved your Dad.”

c) mixed feelings.

d) John Lennon’s son.

e) a rocky path.


7. (EAFA 2008) No segundo parágrafo, o marcador discursivo But expressa:

a) comparação.

b) contraste.

c) causa.

d) dúvida.

e) adição.


8. (EAFA 2008) “That’s why I’m so happy that she’s decided to write her side of the story.” Nessa passagem, o narrador:

a) Revela o descontentamento pela decisão da mãe de escrever a versão dela sobre os fatos.

b) Faz uma comparação da triste história de sua própria vida com a de outras pessoas.

c) Revela o quanto se sente incomodado por ser filho de John e Cynthia.

d) Mostra-se surpreso pela mãe ter resolvido se tornar escritora.

e) Mostra-se feliz pela mãe ter decidido escrever a versão dela sobre os fatos.


9. (EAFA 2008) Em “Dad was a great talent (…)”, o verbo está no simple past tense. Se substituirmos adequadamente o tempo verbal pelo simple present, obteremos:

a) Dad are a great talent (…).

b) Dad were a great talent (…).

c) Dad am a great talent (…).

d) Dad is a great talent (…).

e) Dad be a great talent (…).


10. (EAFA 2008) Na expressão “great talent”, a função do termo em destaque é:

a) caracterizar o segundo elemento.

b) expressar uma consequência.

c) indicar uma ação.

d) expressar uma dúvida.

e) descrever uma situação .


11. (EAFA 2008) Em inglês, duas palavras podem ser utilizadas como artigos indefinidos: a e an. Assinale a opção cuja frase se completa adequadamente com a mesma palavra destacada em “Dad was an idol to millions (…)”:

a) I was___ very good student.

b) My brother has ___ pretty girlfriend.

c) I don’t need to buy ___ elephant!!!

d) “My assets included ____ thousand pounds in the bank (…).”

e) “Why don’t you look for _____ university course?”


12. (EAFA 2008) Passando-se toda a frase “(…) she was with him for half his adult life (…)” para o masculino correspondente, obteremos:

a) He was with her for half her adult life.

b) He was with she for half his adult life.

c) He was with she for half her adult life.

d) He was with her for half she adult life.

e) He was with her for half his adult life .


13. (EAFA 2008) A que palavra o pronome who se refere em “I know that Dad was an idol to millions who grew up loving his music and his ideals”?

a) Dad.

b) idol.

c) millions.

d) his music.

e) I.


Read the following passage and choose the option which best completes each question, according to the text:


Horror stories about the food industry have been with us since 1906, when Upton Sinclair’s novel the Jungle told ugly truths about how America produces its meat. Nowadays, things have got much better, and in some ways much worse. The U.S. agricultural industry can now produce unlimited quantities of meat and grains at remarkably cheap prices. But it does so at a high cost to the environment, animals and humans. Some of those hidden prices are the erosion of fertile farmland and the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria among farm animals.

Some Americans are noticing such warnings and working to transform the way the country eats – farmers who are raising sustainable food in ways that don’t ruin the earth. Documentaries and the work of journalists are reprising Sinclair’s work, awakening a sleeping public to the realities of how we eat. Change is also coming from the very top. First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden has so far raised a lot of organic produce – and tons of powerful symbolism. Nevertheless, despite increasing public awareness, sustainable agriculture, remains a tiny enterprise: according to recent data from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, less than 1% of American cropland is farmed organically. Sustainable food is also pricier than conventional food and harder to find.

Unless Americans radically rethink the way they grow and consume food, they face a future of eroded farmland and high health costs. Sustainable food has an elitist reputation, but each of us depends on the soil, animals and plants. And as every farmer knows, if you don’t take care of your land, it can’t take care of you.

BRYAN,W. Friday, aug. 21, 2009.,8599,1917458,00. html, adaptado.


14. (PUC-Minas 2010) Upton sinclair’s novel The Jungle was the first to:

a) call people’s attention to the quality of food produced in America.

b) instruct Americans on how to produce and sell better meat.

c) deal with the problems concerning America’s food industry profits.

d) tell horror stories that led to the change of agricultural industry.

e) advise people to eat more quality vegetables.


15. (PUC-Minas 2010) Today, the production of meat and grains in the U.s. is:

a) insufficient.

b) limited.

c) decreasing.

d) enormous.

e) worse.


16. (PUC-Minas 2010) First lady Michelle Obama’s White House garden has been an effort to:

a) transform America’s economy.

b) promote America’s food industry.

c) teach people to grow their own food.

d) encourage Americans to cook at home.

e) change the way Americans eat.


17. (PUC-Minas 2010) The problem with organic food is that it is ________________________ than conventional food.

a) more expensive and more difficult to find.

b) unhealthier and extremely more caloric.

c) more fattening and harder to digest.

d) more harmful and more dangerous.

e) more difficult to grow and cheaper.


18. (PUC- minas 2010) Unless Americans radically rethink the way they grow and consume food,

a) they will radically improve their way of living.

b) they will have problems with their land and health.

c) their life will continue the same for a long time.

d) their habits will make them famous worldwide.

e) they will start to develop new technology for the agriculture industry.


Answer questions 19 and 20 based on the following text:


Scientists followed 1,169 nondiabetic men and women who had been hospitalized for a first heart attack. The patients had a health examination three months after their discharge from the hospital, and researchers followed them for the next eight years.

After controlling for age, sex, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, education and other factors, they found that the more chocolate people consumed, the more likely they were to survive. While the chocolate eaters in the study had a statistically insignificant reduction in the risk of death from any cause over the eight-year span, the reduced risk for dying of heart disease was highly significant.

And it was dose-dependent – that is, the more chocolate consumed, the lower the risk for death. Compared with people who ate none, those who had chocolate less than once a month had a 27 percent reduction in their risk for cardiac death, those who ate it up to once a week had a 44 percent reduction and those who indulged twice or more a week had a 66 percent reduced risk of dying from a subsequent heart event. The beneficial effect remained after controlling for intake of other kinds of sweets. The co-author of the paper, Dr. Mukamal, said that data from other studies suggests that chocolate lowers blood pressure and this might be a cause of the lower cardiac mortality found in the study., september, 2009, adaptado


19. (PUC-PR 2010) According to the text, it is true to say that:

a) The study was in progress for three months after patients’ first heart attack.

b) People who ate less chocolate had better results.

c) The consumption of chocolate also reduced the risk of death from other causes.

d) The consumption of chocolate is beneficial for diabetic patients.

e) The consumption of chocolate after a heart attack enhances the chance of survival.


20. (PUC-PR 2010) in paragraph three, the sentence “The beneficial effect remained after controlling for intake of other kinds of sweets” means:

a) People continue having beneficial effects independent of eating other sweets.

b) People who added other kinds of sweets to their diets felt terrible.

c) People who eat chocolate feel like eating other kinds of sweets more often.

d) People must control the amount of other sweets they eat to continue having beneficial effects.

e) People who added other kinds of sweets to their diets felt even more benefits.



Novartis is breaking even selling Coartem. But it chose to lose money to save more lives. For the past nine years, the drug company Novartis has been selling Coartem, one of the most effective antimalarials on the market, to public-health officials in the developing world at a loss totaling more than $253 million – not counting the millions spent on Research & Development. That’s added up, the firm reports, to more than 550,000 lives saved. In late January, the company unveiled the first pediatric dose of Coartem – less bitter and easier to swallow than the adult version – which is expected to help in the battle against a disease that kills more than 700,000 children under 5 each year. (…) “Novartis could be making a lot more money making hypertension or diabetes medications that the people in the U.S. and Europe would buy,” says AwaColl-Seck, executive director of Roll Back Malaria, a global partnership founded with the goal of halving the world’s malaria cases by 2010. “Instead, it’s investing real funds in finding medicines that will never be profitable.”

Though malaria is both preventable and curable, many of those in the developing world struggle to get affordable treatment, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where the mosquito-borne disease is most prevalent.

Time, march 9, 2009


21. (ESPM 2009 ) You can infer from the text that Novartis:

a) has been making a lot of money with Coartem.

b) has demonstrated social awareness by selling Coartem to developing countries.

c) intends to profit more with pediatric Coartem than with the medicine for adults

d) has invested in researching and developing Coartem because it is a medicine with high commercial value.

e) has been investing lots of money to make hypertension and diabetes medications.


22. (ESPM 2009 ) Choose the correct translation for: less bitter and easier to swallow:

a) menos dispendioso e mais fácil de tomar.

b) menos ácido e mais fácil de produzir.

c) menos amargo e mais fácil de engolir.

d) menos azedo e mais fácil de fabricar.

e) menos lucrativo, mas com resultados mais facilmente comprovados.


23. (ESPM 2009 ) According to the text, “affordable” refers to:

a) low cost treatment.

b) effective treatment.

c) high price treatment.

d) efficacious treatment.

e) adequate treatment.




24. O texto acima é exemplo de um/uma:

a) propaganda.

b) tirinha.

c) folheto.

d) cartaz.

e) manual.


25. O problema sobre o qual o homem desabafa diz respeito ao fato de:

a) Sua mulher não gostar mais dele.

b) Ele não falar inglês.

c) Sua mulher não compreendê-lo.

d) Ele não amar mais a mulher.

e) A mulher não conversar mais com ele.


26. O texto provoca humor porque brinca com:

a) As relações afetivas entre homens e mulheres e a necessidade de comunicação.

b) A importância que os homens dão a conversas de botequim.

c) A falta de comunicação entre mulheres.

d) O desejo que todas as pessoas têm de falar outros idiomas.

e) A necessidade de conversar com amigos para desabafar.



Eight largest in the world,

country is full of natural wonders

Argentina, meaning “land of silver”, is a rich and vast landsecond largest (after Brazil) in South America and eighth largest in the world. Its heartland is a broad grassy plain known as the Pampas. The Spanish first arrived around 1516, and Argentina gained independence in 1816. The small native population died from European diseases, and today’s population is over 95 percent European. Today the literacy and urbanization rates are high, the birthrate and the infant mortality rate are low, and most Argentines consider themselves middle class.

The recent past is tumultuous. Some 30,000 people disappeared in the “dirty war” during the Military’s junta 1976-1983 rule. In April 1982, Argentine Forces invaded the British-held Falkland Islands, which Argentina calls Islas Malvinas. Defeated by Britain during 1982, Falkland Islands war loosened the military dictatorship’s stranglehold on democracy.

Since then much has been won: greater freedom of the press, tolerance of opposition, and increased foreign investment. However, a deep recession caused economic collapse at the end of 2001 followed by fragile economic growth. Unemployment plagues the economy even as the nation enjoys the continent’s highest per capita income.

UFPa 2ª fase 2009, html, adaptado


De acordo com as informações do texto, o tempo de duração e o momento de ocorrência da Guerra das Malvinas estão corretamente indicados na alternativa:

a) um ano – em 1983.

b) um ano e meio – em 1816.

c) um ano e um mês – em 1976.

d) dois anos – antes do regime militar.

e) menos de um ano – durante o regime militar.


28. O texto afirma que uma das consequências da Guerra das Malvinas foi o:

a) aumento do emprego na Argentina.

b) fortalecimento da economia argentina.

c) desaparecimento de 30.000 argentinos.

d) esfacelamento da Força Aérea argentina.

e) enfraquecimento do regime militar argentino.


29. O texto menciona algumas conquistas conseguidas após a queda do regime militar na Argentina. Entre essas conquistas está o(a):

a) recuperação do poder aquisitivo da classe média.

b) aumento de investimento estrangeiro.

c) surgimento de partidos políticos.

d) popularização da imprensa.

e) crescimento econômico.



Fonte: Acessado em 11 de março de 2011. ()


A expressão “I’m so excited to announce our newest product” explicita para o leitor a função do texto, que é:

a) Promover a venda de nova tecnologia para produzir música, por meio de discurso publicitário.

b) Anunciar produto similar e concorrente de outro líder de mercado, por meio do apelo à emoção.

c) Criticar o impacto social do primeiro produto, por meio de discurso irônico em relação ao segundo.

d) Causar humor, por meio de discurso crítico aos produtos com baixa qualidade tecnológica.

e) orientar o consumidor, por meio de discurso esclarecedor das vantagens e custos dos produtos.



The original punk music scene ran like the careers of many of its stars – burning brightly for a short time before crashing to the ground in flames.

But its importance can be judged by the echoes heard in music ever since, as well as the legends and cliches that have grown up around it.

One cliché is that punk was less a musical genre than a state of mind – but that was true in the days before it became fashionable to become a punk fashion victim.

Punk remained an underground scene until 1976, when two bands – The Ramones and The Sex Pistols – made the outside world take notice.

Not only did they become hugely successful in their own right, but they also provided an inspiration to people who realised you did not need to be able to play an instrument to be in a band – you just had to have something to say.

YOUNGS, I. BBC News online, 23 dec. 2002. Trecho com cortes. Disponível em: <>. Acessado em 11 de março de 2011.


Marca o movimento cultural descrito no texto:

a) A cena musical, que, com clichês, se manteve no estrelato.

b) o primor musical, que se difundiu para o outro lado do mundo.

c) A música popular, por incorporar elementos do mundo fashion.

d) A origem com show histórico de Sex Pistols junto com Ramones.

e) A expressão ideológica, que deu um novo sentido à ideia de banda.



Fonte: disponível em <;. Acessado em 22 de março de 2011. ()


O texto verbal reforça o efeito de humor do cartum ao pôr em questão:

a) as referências da internet na visão de mundo e expressões linguísticas das novas gerações.

b) a falta de conhecimento que as pessoas de meia-idade possuem da internet e seus recursos.

c) a curiosidade infantil sobre questões difíceis, como essa a respeito do início e do fim da vida.

d) o despreparo dos pais para impor limites aos filhos no uso de jogos e computadores.

e) a falta de tempo para dialogar com filhos, derivada do excesso de funções da mãe moderna.



Fonte: disponível em Acessado em 22 de janeiro de 2012. ()

No cartum, a expressão que ajuda o leitor a estabelecer relações com o discurso de sustentabilidade é:

a) “real gift”.

b) “stupid gift”.

c) “handmade”.

d) “green gift”.

e) “hide the axe”



Fonte: disponível em: Acessado em 22 de janeiro de 2012. ()

As expressões linguísticas e as representações de costumes típicos em festas de aniversário concorrem para que o texto tenha a função de

a) causar o humor e o deboche, ao satirizar o uso de aparelhos tecnológicos em situações inadequadas.

b) promover o consumo, ao ilustrar a diversidade de meios tecnológicos que podem ser oferecidos como presentes.

c) provocar o riso e a reflexão, ao ironizar o rápido envelhecimento de recursos tecnológicos.

d) criticar as relações sociais, ao representar os processos de desumanização causados pelas tecnologias.

e) regulamentar as normas de etiqueta, ao indicar possíveis usos das tecnologias.


35. TEXT 1

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are both brilliant physicists. They are colleagues, best friends, and roommates, although in all capacities their relationship is always tested primarily by Sheldon’s regimented, deeply eccentric, and non-conventional ways. They are also friends with their Cal Tech colleagues mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali. The foursome spend their time working on their individual work projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, or reading. As they are self-professed nerds, all have little or no luck with popular women.

Fonte: “Huggo”. The Big Bang Theory storyline (fragmento). disponível em: acesso em 22/1/2012.



A woman who moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.

Fonte: “Huggo”. The Big Bang Theory storyline (fragmento). disponível em: Acessado em 22 de janeiro de 2012.


Os textos são resenhas da série The Big Bang Theory. A palavra que no texto 1 serve para tipificar comportamentos como o que foi destacado no texto 2 é:

a) colleagues.

b) roommates.

c) foursome.

d) self-professed.

e) nerds.

Inglês: Simulado (Perguntas)
Inglês: Simulado (Perguntas)
1. (Unisantos 2009) leia o texto abaixo sobre a tragédia ocorrida em santa Catarina no fim do ano passado e escolha a alternativa que apresenta a sequência de tempos verbais que melhor preenche as lacunas: Heavy rains in the state ___________ over two months ago. During november, the area _____________ 35 inches of rain, which […]

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